Friday, May 04, 2007

Where do you go to relax?

For me it has to be Portland, OR. A friend got married last weekend, so we had the opportunity to go up. Actually, it has been 3 weddings in 3 years, all of them in Portland. Here is some pics from the Trip. First up is Powell's: the greatest bookstore in the world. I spent quite a bit of time in there. This is the newer entrance, and rumor has it, the ashes of a man who wanted to be buried in Powells are encased in the statue of books in front of the door.

Here is the only rose that had bloomed yet in the Portland Rose Garden and the worlds laziest squirrel.

And finally, here is an "Only in Portland" picture. I have no idea how these two coexist next to each other.

It was a great weekend, fun was had by all and I got some rest. More to come soon.