Monday, October 30, 2006


Wow, the day before Halloween. I look forward to Halloween. I love fall and the cool temperatures it brings with it, so of course what holiday could be better. Plus there is all the candy. What ever is left over I get to eat.

I saw two movies this week. First, "The Last King of Scotland" this movie is a well crafted fictional account of Idi Amin's personal physician during his reign. Apparently he had several, but they are condensed into one for the movie. I loved and think that Forest Whitaker should be a shoe for an oscar. He commands the screen and terrifies as the ruthless dictator. A great movie. Also saw "Running with Scissors" not that great. It was okay, but the actual memoirs by Augusten Burroughs are much better. Not sure why everyone is crazy about Annette Benings role as his mother. Wait for Dvd on this one.

Enjoy the ghosts and goblins and hopefully some fall rainy weather...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oy Mates!

School has kept me so busy these last few weeks. 7 more until the end the of quarter. Writing and reading seem to be taking up my whole life. Blah Balh, I know, but well its what I enjoy doing. I did manage to squeeze in two movies. "The Girl Next Door" was okay. Not great by any means, but enjoyable especially becuase of the main characters two best friends. A great movie is "La Mala Educacion" or Bad Education by Almoldavar. It has Gael Garcia Bernal and it is awesomely creepy. The whole last part of the movie cast the story in a completely light. Check it out. Maybe next time I will post about something other than movies....