Monday, April 23, 2007

See this film for the GREATER GOOD!

Okay, I have been looking forward to "Hot Fuzz" since I starting hearing about it last year. "Shaun of the Dead" is one of my favorites, so how could these they go wrong with a buddy/cop comedy. They couldn't, and further more they didn't. I saw it this weekend and loved it. Easy enough to say, if you loved Shaun you will love this. This film plays to a different audience though too. It spoofs so many cop films that I lost count, however, it is not just a spoof. It has a real story and developed characters. Plus, some gore and lots of cameos by bigger name actors. Overall, best film I have seen so far this year. So please go see it for the greater good.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

In facing danger, it is best to have a badger at your side

This has been really busy week, but I get a day of rest now. So I can update what has been going on. First there was Easter. Charli and I dyed some eggs and here is a pic of them. We were using rubberbands and so got these cool stripes. I really like the green/orange one that I made. I also baked a small ham, which was a first.

In the last week, things were more hectic. I presented a paper at a conference this weekend and helped run the catering for the conference as well. Charli took some pictures, and here is one. I was nervous to start off, but in the end I think it was a great experience. Speaking in front of 15 people and sharing your research kind of breeds anxiety. What if they think your wrong? But I got great feedback and got through it.

However, the thing I was most worried about was presenting a lecture in the class that I am TAing for. 15 people is one thing. 200 undergrads looking for you to explain the importance of World War I is somewhat different. Standing down at the bottom of a lecture hall with everyone watching you is kind of creepy. But, after starting a little rough, things calmed down and I had fun with it. I think the most important thing was using examples that I know really well, so that I wasen't just reading through the notes, but rather just talking to them. I'm glad I did it.

As for other news, lets just say that neither my Chicago Cubs or Melbourne Demons have started well this season. It could be a long summer of sports...

Friday, April 06, 2007


Yeah, its that time of year, Cubs baseball. I think they have a good team this year, even though they have started 1-2. I'm more worried about the anticipated sale at the end of the season. It already sounds like it will end in a mess. Really, how could you sell the team without Wrigley? That field is an intricate part of the team. Most of the potential bidders have already made that clear. No stadium, no deal.

I spent the last weekend down in La Jolla/San Diego relaxing before classes start back up. It was seal cubbing season, so I got to see tons of baby seals. Here is a pic.