Monday, January 21, 2008

Eagle vs. Shark vs. Me!

Yeah, its been a few weeks. But the quarter has started out nicely and I'm doing Orals Prep work, so I'm good on two counts. Otherwise not much as been going on, hence the whole no writing thing.

I do have to gripe about the movie "Eagle vs. Shark". For all the awards and praise this I got, I was highly disappointed. Aside from a few good one-liners, it was boring and unfunny. I'm not sure how people make the comparison to "Napoleon Dynamite" which was an amazingly funny movie. The worst part of it is that I was really anticipating the movie, especially since it has 1/2 of "Flight of the Conchords" in it. FOTC = really funny. This movie = no funny.

As for FOTC everyone should check out their HBO series and all the live performance videos on youtube. They are hysterical, especially in the ways they try to glamorize the most mundane parts of everyday life.