Saturday, September 30, 2006

Run Chickens!

Alright, a week gone by and nothing posted...Well school is back and I am busy. Just after the first week. And TV shows have been premiering. I really like the new show "Heroes", but I am just waiting til LOST comes back this coming wednesday. I did see "Chicken Run" which was pretty good, and am hoping to the Michel Gondry's "The Science of Sleep" this weekend. Well, just have to see how long my reading and assignments take up. Ahhhh, school.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Office of Dorian Gray

Well, I finished "The Picture of Dorian Gray". It was alright. Not sure which book will come down from the Barnes and Noble Classics Shelf yet, maybe Beowolf. It's nice and short. School starts back up next week, so fiction will probably be put aside for awhile. There is always time for movies however, and I watched Season 1 of the NBC version of The Office. I had only seen a few pieces of episodes before, but it is good. I still think the BBC version is better, but Carrell and the rest of the cast are awesome.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

This Post Has Not Yet Been Rated

Folks, go see the new movie "This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated". It is a great behind the curtain view of how the MPAA rates movies and how f***ed up the system is. He even hires a private detective to track down who the secret movie raters and appeals board members are. A very revealing film that highlights important facts we should be aware of. Such as, why is the MPAA the only film ratings board in the world that finds sexuality instead of violence as the aspect most in need of restriction.

In literature I read another Neal Stephenson book, "Snow Crash." A great novel that provides a glimpse of a possible near future. Over commercialized, technologically advanced and intriguing. "The Picture of Dorian Gray" is taking some time, but it's okay. The fiction reading will be ending soon, as classes start again. But as I get to read stuff I will note it.

I hope this finds more readers, or at least more hits, as it still does not come up when searching through Google, Yahoo or even the Blogger search tool. Oh, well.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Alright, I saw Crank on friday and the movie was so bad that I need to rant about something completely entertainment related. Currency!

Yes, I hate pennies and believe them to be worthless. Actually they are worthless now that the government announced they cost more to produce than their monetary value. Every penny made hurts our economy. I also dislike dollar bills. Now they are fun to enter into, but in reality we are one of the few high power economy nations that still uses one dollar bills, instead of coins. Now we have one dollar coins, but for some reason people are fearful of them. Now back to pennies, one of the big reasons we still have them is due to the influence of the copper mining industry. Here is my solution. Stop making pennies and stop making dollar bills. Instead, make dollar coins that have a high percentage of copper in them. Thus making mining interests happy, and me happy because we have switched to dollar coins. To start I think everyone reading this should go to the bank and get some dollar coins from a teller, they do have them there. And go out and spend them. Get people really used to the idea of them.