Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Done, Done, Done, Done.....I'm Done.

Well, almost. Just need to turn in my grades tomorrow and that's it. On to next quarter. And which looks to be fun. Two classes that sound great, I mean come on, being assigned to go watch 300 is awesome and TAing again. However the work starts this week as I need to get ready for my conference presentation. Within the madness, I did see two flicks. "Volver", was ohkaey. Not what I was expecting, especially since the last flick I saw by Almodovar, "Mal Educacion" was execellent. I do recommend catching "Idiocracy" on DVD. Made by the same guy who did "Office Space", it imagines a much, much dumber future. later.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Finals Week

You know, I thought grad students were suppose to be pretty much work free during finals week. However, I've got two papers to finish, an essay to grade for 50+ students and their final exam. So not much is going on here. I did get to watch Borat and Stranger Than Fiction this last week. Both are great films. Stranger, was the better film though, as it exceeded my expectations greatly. Definitely check it out. More soon, when I get an assignment or two finished.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Ah, it is such relief to finish a huge assignment. At least for now. And so what do I turn to for relaxation? Demons Football. I'm not talking that XFL crap from a few years ago. I'm talkin about AFL. Australian Rules Football. Melbourne Demons! Think Rugby, but more violent. THe season is just starting downunder, and while they lost their first game I got hope for the season. The only hard part is following games at midnight. If we could just get rid Hockey here and replace it with this awesome sport. For those interested, I added a link to the team's website. GO DEMONS!