Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Explorer Cat

Madeline has decided that everything is new and must be explored, regardless of the fact that nothing is new. As you can see, the armoire and my bookcase are now fair game. The windows, however, are still the big thing. She ran into the screen door today leading out to the patio when a dove landed on the bannister. She'll learn eventually.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More Bacon!

Okay, we're still not completely finished unpacking, so the final apartment pics will come soon. However, while grocery shopping this last week, I came across two bacon products to share with everyone. The first is...

Have you ever been eating Chicken Noodle soup and thought to yourself, "I wish this was bacon noodle soup?" Well wonder no longer. The other is...

Now this I can guarantee, I will not be trying. Not a huge fan of spam to begin with, but adding bacon sounds worse to me, and that's hard to do given that bacon is the greatest food on earth.

Finally, we were looking through cookbooks at the store, and well if you ever need to buy me a gift start with these!

Two of the most essential cooking ingredients. Yum! I truly am a carnivore.