Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Stuff

Well, by a vote of 2 to nothing, people agreed that Karl is King! I agree, and will put a pic of myself wearing my new shirt proclaiming the fact soon. I will make new polls as I think of fun stuff.

Mostly reading this week, but there are a few new things. Goodreads.com is a cool site to see whose reading what and to get honest reviews of stuff. I have been adding stuff that I remember reading and will keep it up-to-date with my oral readings, exactly the stuff people want to read reviews of, I'm sure.

I am adding some more comics too. A Softer World is kind of weird, but occasionally funny. Penny Arcade makes fun of the gaming world, and "Strindberg and Helium is a collection of short videos about the depressed playwright and his imaginary friend, Helium. All are really good and make me laugh on a regular basis. Back to work

Friday, August 24, 2007

Pro-crastination and other thoughts

I say "Pro" because I feel I am mastering it as an art. I have a lot to do, and I have been avoiding most of it; much to my own chagrin. I really wish I could feel so motivation.

I think I have reached the age, 28 and a half, where you begin to enjoy NPR. I have never had an interest in radio news, ever! But in the last few months I have been finding myself listening more and more to NPR in the mornings. Specifically KCRW in Los Angeles. While I still get most of my news online, I think this must be a sign of aging or something.

In sports news, my Cubs are looking good. I have high hopes for the Pennant Race. My Melbourne Demons are at the bottom of their league and I can only hope they improve next year. Football is starting soon and the Carolina Panthers' chances of making the playoffs are promising I think, especially after Michael Vick is out of the picture for the year.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Am I a Simpson?



Yup, I was one of those people who contributed 31 million dollars to this movie's first weekend take, and you know what...I'm glad! This movie was hilarious. Funniest thing I have seen since "Knocked Up". Seth Rogan is quickly becoming my new favorite comedic actor; and he even co-wrote the script. The film is really two great stories; Evan and Seth in their search for booze/girls and McLovin's night on the town with two cops. I'll say no more, but trust me its sooo good. I laughed through the whole movie.

I'm know reading three novels and beginning to prep for my Oral Exams at the end of the coming school year. I need to finish the fiction soon because there will be no time for it beginning in about a month. That's when year three of grad school begins! Not much else going on, except for the flipping of pages in books.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Make It Right

So if you know me, you know I love coffee, and my favorite drink is an Iced Mocha. When made right, it's the greatest thing in the world, but it can be easily screwed up. Peet's Coffee makes it right. Mix chocolate syrup with the espresso and then pour equally with the milk over ice. Almost everytime its perfect, but occasionally its a little weak because you get too much milk. Starbucks uses syrup, which is the NECESSARY ingredient to make it correctly, but they use way too much and they burn their beans. My teeth usually hurt after drinking theirs. The trick is to ask for half the normal amount of chocolate and then it is drinkable, but still not great. Some places like Diedrich's Coffee use chocolate powder. It is passable, but I don't like it. You end up with grit at the bottom of the cup. Now for the two worst possible ways to make the drink.

1. Almost all the coffee shops in La Jolla, CA use chocolate milk in their drinks. I have no idea why they do it, but it tastes terrible. Luckily there is a Peet's there now.

2. There is a bar/smoke den/coffee shop in the student union at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee that offers something they call "Daddy's Mocha". The rancid smell of cigarette smoke should have warned me, but I really needed coffee that day. They mixed regular black coffee with a package of swiss miss hot chocolate. It was one of the worst things I have ever tasted. One sip and I threw it away. Why didn't they tell me the real coffee shop was in the bookstore? Their coffee was much better.