Thursday, July 26, 2007

Twenty Days

Twenty days have passed since the last post, and while I don't have any new pictures, I have been busy. I was in Sacramento for a weekend, which was fun and very hot. I also have watched a ton of movies. Ratatouille, Die Hard, and Harry Potter, all of which I recommend. Mostly I've been working and that always seems to eat up so much time. Last night, however, I went to see Guster play the Orange County fair. So awesome! My first time seeing them play and hopefully not the last. I mean, come on, you gotta love it when the drummer plays with his hands most of the night. Watching him wrap medical tape around his fingers between songs just made me wince. It was a great show and they played all the songs I wanted to hear. In honor of the show I am adding their website to the links.

In other news, I also want to highly recommend the new Interpol album "Our Love to Admire" it is a great follow-up to "Antics" and have been listening to it near non-stop since it came out two weeks ago. Go buy it!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Milwaukee: More than Meets the Eye?

Sorry. Couldn't help throwing in the Transformers reference. Saw it the other day and have to admit it was fun. Two hours of mindless entertainment. Big explosions and a nostalgic trip. What more do you want for 8 bucks?

So the conference in Milwaukee went well and was fun. I personally love the city. The weather was perfect, I learned a lot and sucessfully delivered a paper. I have included some pictures from the trip.

Here are two pics of the Calavatra extension at the Milwaukee Art Museum. The wings actually open and close. One is from the outside, and the other is looking up from inside.

Here is a shot of all the bridges going up as a boat passes underneath.

Here is a duckling statue along the river. There is a series of these, commemorating a duck that stopped construction on one of the bridges while they waited for her eggs to hatch. I think this one is Millie.

One of the things I really love about Milwaukee is the architecture. Here is a quick sample. A church on the Marquette campus, City Hall (currently being renovated) and the federal courthouse (which really looks like a castle).

More to come soon.