Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do j'know Juno?

You should. Juno is another movie I saw in my film class. It comes out in two weeks, and I can't wait to see it again. It's about a teenage girl who becomes pregnant and the choices she makes afterwards. The acting was really good, especially Ellen Page and Michael Cera. What really got me hooked on the movie was the soundtrack featuring Belle and Sebastian and The Moldy Peaches. They just did a great job of using music to set the tone of the film as her pregnancy progresses. It is also hysterically funny, much in the same vein as Little Miss Sunshine. Definitely check this one out.

Last week, we saw "The Band's Visit" in the class. It's an Israeli comedy about a Egyptian Police Band that ends up in the wrong town in the Israeli countryside as they make their way to a cross-cultural celebration. I didn't know any of the actors, but the story was good and the mistaken understanding of both groups creates a great setting for the story.

I got up to Sacramento last week for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to be away from Irvine for a few days. It was cold, so cold; and it was good. Hung out with family, ate lots of food, and watched lots of sports. I also ended up playing lots of catch and learning about Pokemon. While up there, I saw "No Country for Old Men" and loved it. The setting, story, and acting were fantastic. Not really a holiday movie, but I enjoyed it none the less. Tommy Lee Jones has to be nominated for his role.

More later.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Well, that how you pronounce it at least. Actually, the latest sneak peek film we saw was something called "War Eagle, Arkansas" It was an okay film, but not really my kind of movie. It's about a high school baseball player deciding between staying in his hometown and going to college. See, the topic just doesn't catch my attention. Probably wouldn't have seen it, if not for the class.

The weather, however, has been awesome the best couple of day. No direct sunlight, lots of clouds and in the sixties. So nice.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Big Mac(intosh)

Yup, I've made the switch from a PC to a Mac. I love my Compaq, but it has finally started to slow down, make grinding sounds, and not open programs correctly. I waited til Apple released the new Leopard OS last week, and got my new computer last weekend. I'm still getting used to some the programs and the one click mouse, but over all I am really happy with it. It also works super fast. It seriously has no startup time, which really surprised me at first. I was kind of like, "that's it, really, cool".

Not much in other news, mostly just reading and writing. I am loving Heroes, The Office and Scrubs though. That's about the current time limit I can devote to TV right now. Yeah, just two hours.