Monday, August 18, 2008

It's too bad I can't make that Velociraptor noise anymore

That is my favorite quote I heard this weekend.

So this weekend, we headed down to San Diego to take part in the 35th annual Midnight Madness bike ride. An 18 mile loop of downtown and the airport that starts at midnight. It's supports the Youth Hostels in the area. It was a totally fun experience. There were at least 2500 people there and unfortunately we did not get any pictures. I seem to be getting worse about remembering the camera for things like this. It took about 2 hours to do the ride, but the weather was warm and the once the riders thinned a bit, you could peddle comfortably. The start was a little rough as there were just so many people and you moved really slow.

To continue our support of the hostels, we also stayed there. Let's just say it was unique and reminded me of our travels in Australia those many years ago. As I said when we checked into the room. You know a place is classy when you have a paper towel dispenser in your bathroom. The mattress was more of a large foam pad, but we did have a private room. I'm not sure we could have handled one of the dormitory rooms, especially if there were any european "techno twins".

Besides the ride, we hung out in the Gaslamp Quarter and went to Coronado for a day. The Gaslamp is a huge party district at night. I mean really, much more than I would have expected. Basically several blocks of hardcore revelry. People seemed to dig it, but there was not a quiet place anywhere. Loud music, loud music, cars, everything.

Well, that was the weekend. I was sick most of last week, but I did see Pineapple Express. It was hilarious and I highly recommend it. Next up is Tropic Thunder hopefully next weekend.