Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Move: Part One

This is the first of a two part entry on the move and new apartment. The move itself was forgettable. Problems with Budget, the long drive, a cat meowing intermittently for 8 hours and physical loading and unloading of the truck was exhausting. I slept a good part of sunday afternoon and all sunday night. I woke up monday sore and started to unpack. None of the rooms are completely finished, but the place is somewhat livable now.

Not having seen it before I got here, I have to say its pretty nice. Its easily the biggest place we've ever had and its nice not feeling cramped for space. Here are the "before" pics of the place with everything just piled up. I post "after" photos once we finish unpacking.

This was from a rest area in the San Joaquin Valley, couldn't pass up taking a picture. Unpictured??? The Bacon flavored sunflower seeds.

This is from the front door looking across the dining area and into the living room. The bedrooms are to the left and the kitchen is on the right.

The Kitchen: It has a bar opening into the living room which can't be seen in the photo.

This is my office and storage room.

This is our bedroom.

Our first meal in the apartment on monday night. I thought the cardboard table was especially nice.

And finally Madeline. We think she approves of the new place. She really likes that the windows extend to the floor. The windows also lookout directly onto a bunch of redwood trees, so there are a ton of birds and squirrels for her to watch. She is suspicious of the patio and prefers to just sit at the door and meow at us every time we go out there. I liked the shadow effect in this picture.
The next post will go up once we get the place in order.

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Shanon said...

Yay! It looks lovely. And you have a patio!