Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A day at the fair

We went to the last day of the state fair yesterday. We got our free tree saplings, a whole bunch of free stuff and spent most of our time looking at the animals. The guinea pigs had already been taken home, so we saw lots of chickens, and baby animals. We also went to the horse races where I won a whopping 30 cents. It was nice having the guy had me 3 dimes. Of course, the most important item at the fair was the fried food, and was it there in abundance. Here are the general highlights from our day.

This was from the Sacramento Chalk Festival. I like Jackalopes!

One of the many baby cows born during the fair. Thanks to the UC Davis Vet School.

Baby Piglets!

Youngster Goats

TOTALLY FRIED!!!! I passed on the Fried White Castle. Seemed a bit much, though I was tempted.

So my plate of "food" contains zucchini curls, fried artichokes, fried mushrooms, a deep fried twinkie and what is that on the stick you ask???

The Zucchini Weenie! Yes a hollowed out zucchini stuffed with a hot dog then battered and fried. It was really tasty. Well that's it for the fair. I've got a few other things we've been doing I want to post, so keep an eye for them.

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