Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two Weeks Ago

Wow, this is taking long to write. So in reverse order (becuase the second story is longer) we had two great evenings two weeks ago! Friday night we went to see the Cubs play against the Giants. It was a nice cool night, a great pitching match-up in Zambrano vs. Lincecum and a Cubs win. This was the first time I've ever gotten to see the Cubs win in person. Every other time I've gone to a game it ended in a loss. The only downside was the fact that the game went extremely fast and was over in two hours. I expect my ball games to last approx. 3 hours, so it was really weird to be home by 10:30.

Wednesday was even better. I had been told that we were having dinner with an old friend that night for the two past weeks and thought nothing of it. I was told we were eating in Berkeley, okay. We drove over there and were looking for parking when we drove past the Berkeley Rep. Theatre and I said "I don't think we'll find parking in that garage because there is something going on that theatre tonight". I can only think she thought I was the densest person in the world at that moment because I failed to notice all the giant signs for the "American Idiot" show on the front of the theatre and along the street. I had been tricked! She got tickets to the show!! I wanted to see this since I read a story about it back in May, but kind of checked off as one of those "it'd be cool, but..." events and didn't really think about it again. She, however, remembered and got tickets. Not just any tickets. Row F tickets, 7 rows from the stage tickets. I can't even describe how amazing the show was. At least seven musicians on the stage in the background, great singing by all of the actors, a set that went at least 50 feet in the air and involved wire work, a ton of TVs and some really cool set changes. I loved it. It was so much fun and afterwards we walked down the street and happened to find a restaurant that gave us a 20% discount because we had been to the show. We even ended up eating next to some other people from the show, and we talked about how great Green Day is and how cool it was that the album had been turned into such a cool musical.

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